Freelance Writer – Evaluate the Economic Health of a Publishing Company

If you are or want to be a freelance supplements writer for college textbook publishers, you want to focus on the major textbook publishers like Pearson Higher Education; Pearson and the other biggies hire the vast majority of freelance writers to write instructor’s manuals, student study guides, test questions, Internet exercises, lecture outlines, and all the other types of supplements.

Our focus right here: evaluating the health that is economic of publishers, specifically Pearson Higher Education. Why is this important? Well, if a publisher is losing lots of money, it may opt to cut costs, such as the pay of freelance supplements writers. This may not be the situation; we haven’t seen any decrease within my pay prices throughout the year that is last or during the economic downturn at the start of the ten years. (As a matter of known fact, i did so well around 2001-2002, enough time for the last recession.)

It certainly is good to comprehend a little concerning the ongoing companies you write supplements for, although it’s not necessary. It can gain you a bit of favor in a conversation with an editor if she can tell you know the basics of the company’s business model and some important recent developments.

How do you get news about an organization?

First, you’ll enter the organization name or the name of a specific imprint into the news portion of a search engine. This is the way that is best whenever working with an exclusive company, one that does not issue stock, like Cengage training.

Second, it is possible to visit financial websites. This is my method that is preferred and will give you lots of information. I primarily use Yahoo Finance and Bing Finance. Remember that this can only make use of a company that is public one that does issue stock. To find info on a ongoing company you need to first understand its stock icon. Find this by entering the company title into the ticker symbol search window. For Pearson it is PSO.

Whenever you enter PSO into Yahoo Finance, you’ll see a lot of financial info on top and recent news headlines below, along with links getting much more information about the organization.

Let’s go through the finance component first. Probably the most thing that is important note is the EPS, or earnings per share. We want this to be a number that is positive it means the business is running a revenue.

We are able to also examine the way the stock price has fared within the year that is last but this can be significantly skewed by numerous factors, such as the general increase and autumn regarding the stock exchange, therefore don’t place way too much weight on this.

Hitting “Key Statistics” we can see quarterly revenue growth and quarterly earnings growth. Positive numbers are good, negative numbers are bad. You can find out long-term trends about revenue and profits if you poke further.

An important note regarding large publishers like Pearson, and also McGraw-Hill, another college textbook publisher. They are involved in many businesses. They publish trade paperbacks and hardbacks, and additionally they also printing papers and mags and do other activities regarding publishing and education. Which means you can’t glance at the general financial trend of Pearson and draw conclusions about how exactly well the school textbook unit is performing.

To achieve that, you need to look at the quarterly and annual reports. You can find those on Investor page of the Pearson that is main web site. Often you can go through in order to find details on the textbook division.

Now let’s examine the other part that is important of Yahoo Finance page for Pearson: news headlines. There are two main fundamental types of news: press releases from Pearson it self, and news tales and analysis put out by independent news.

The press releases provide you with informative data on present items and achievements; you need to filter the information out that’s strongly related university textbook publishing and also the disciplines you want to compose for.

The independent news reports can cover many things. Some of the stories may analyze the health that is overall of company and can be especially ideal for you.

Now go consider the Pearson Education degree website, the one that publishes dozens of college textbooks you wish to create supplements for. Here are the major imprints:


Allyn & Bacon

Benjamin Cummings


Prentice Hall

Now it turns out that Prentice Hall has offered me a complete lot of work since the mid-1990s. I’ve worked in several disciplines, creating test banks, instructor’s manuals, study guides, and PowerPoint materials for textbooks covering American government, American history, world history, geology, oceanography, meteorology, introductory earth science, and geography. I’ve also done some work for Benjamin Cummings, another Pearson imprint.

You should certainly seek freelance writing opportunities from Pearson advanced schooling editors.