Could more UK Debt Management Companies Collapse

Shockwaves had been delivered over the UK financial obligation management industry month that is last not just one but two financial obligation management organizations went into management, making several thousand consumers wondering where to turn next to resolve their debt problems.

The two debt advice businesses that went bust had been +DCM Money Systems’ of Nottingham and +Debt that is surrey-based’ who had been both well-established entities within the market.

It seems that both companies ran similar operations in that they had each franchised their companies to allow agents to +buy’ areas of the UK which would become their territories to exclusively operate within. Any clients responding to the companies advertisements would then be passed to the local franchisee in that particular area who would take the clients through the process of signing up to the relevant debt solution. Both organizations additionally operated a +full and last settlement’ scheme by which they would build pots for the intention to their clients of paying off the debts in lump sums. Reports suggest that both clients and the franchisees have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket as a result associated with collapses.

During this period it is confusing exactly what went incorrect with both businesses. After all, industry for financial obligation advice in the UK hasn’t been bigger, with a reported 9,000 people per seeking some form of debt help day. It has been reported that at least one of the failed DMC’s actually got between 33-50% of their clients out of debt by using these methods so with that success rate it is even more bemusing that the business wasn’t a runaway success through referrals and recommendations. It may simply were right down to management that is poor senior directors making bad business decisions. Or maybe the decision makers of both companies had chose to cut and run in light associated with the anticipated tougher regulation being introduced by the OFT in might 2011.

What UK consumers will be more concerned with, or certainly those currently on debt management programs or considering going onto one, will likely be + who is next? Will more debt management companies fail? Do any fail-safes occur to protect victims of bad debt advice?

Concerned clients will make a number of checks to ensure the company that is administering their plan is genuine, stable and compliant.

Firstly, all debt administration organizations have to hold a Consumer that is valid Credit that includes categories +D’ and +E’ debt advice, debt adjusting and debt counseling. The register can be searched online by visiting the OFT website and searching the register. Next, the DMC must be registered aided by the data security act and this true number will be displayed on their website. Thirdly, is the company a member or affiliate member of an Independent Organisation such as the Institute of Credit Management? Fourthly, does the company have any other licenses such as a Ministry of Justice License? Other assurances to be looked for include the length of time the company has been running, how many consumers the business has, and what type of reviews / testimonials their customers are making about them (search their “company name” followed by “reviews” on your google).

One financial obligation advice business presently gaining reviews that are excellent UK Money Solutions. They are completely solvent, having never borrowed any money from the banks or used client money for business purposes, have been operating many years and have all of the required licenses. They are one of the debt that is few businesses to possess become an affiliate member regarding the Institute of Credit administration.